Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Visit with Nicholas Jr.

Went for a little visit to see Grandbutton...oh how he has changed.... Miss them sooo much....
Auntie KyLee and Nicholas

1st Halloween costume and 1st Pumpkin....
My Mother wanted me to get feet and hand prints so we did a little project... oh yes... sooo fun....

his face cracks me up in this

Only somewhat good picture of Papa , Nicholas and Nana.... he was not wanting pictures taken....
not sure how to turn the pictures on this new blogging...

LOVE... LOVE... LOVE these little toes.... Miss them all sooo much...
Till next time.. not much going on here.. just hiring a ton at work....thought I was done with hiring but looks like I will be doing more...
Happy Wednesday...


  1. Baby feet always melt me. So precious are the feet of that tiny little man :)!

    Much love, Kim!

  2. Darling pictures. He's changing so much. Baby feet are the BEST!

  3. Oh my word! So much cuteness wrapped up in one post! He is soooo handsome!

  4. great photos!!!! He is precious. I hate the blogger layout too. I need to keep taking my straight photos and turning them so they come out straight on blogger... what the heck ;)

  5. Oh my gosh - he is just precious! How do you just not eat him all up?!! Love his costume - adorable!!!

  6. We need an update, just sayin, Kim!
    Much love to you and yours!



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